Senior Rep FAQ


Q: What schools do you need senior reps for?

A: Any high schools south west of Houston (Sugar Land, Pearland, Lake Jackson, Bay City, Matagorda, Edna, El Campo, etc.), and east of Columbus (Columbus, Katy, Brookshire, etc.). If you would like to know if your school falls in the area please take a look at the following map. Every place in green is covered.

Q: Do I need to be a junior or can I be a senior to apply?

A: In order to be a rep for the current school year you must be a senior, however juniors are encouraged to apply in February when the application has been released for their senior year.


Q: When do you start accepting applications for next year?

A: I release the application for next year’s reps in February.


Q: What are you looking for in a senior rep?

A: I like for my Senior reps to be fun, outgoing, stylish, and creative. Preferably someone who is involved in school clubs or active in their community.


Q: Are you accepting guys and gals to be a senior rep?

A: Yes, I accept up to 3 students (2 girls & 1 guy) from each local area high school.


Q: Is there a specific type of personality or hobby/interest that you are looking for your senior rep to have?

A: No, I love having a variety of types of people.


Q: Does it cost to be a senior rep?

A: No, I offer my Senior rep program free.


Q: How do I apply to be a senior rep?

A: Click here and follow the instructions at the end of the application for submittal.


Q: When will I find out if I have been selected as a senior rep?

A: I am usually able to notify applicants within a day or two. You will be notified by email once a decision has been made.


Q: What products will I receive as a senior rep?

A: All senior reps receive 25 senior rep cards to start with that come in a handy tin, and low resolution watermarked images from their entire gallery for sharing on social media.


Q: Will these images be posted online or any social networks?

A: Yes, images from Senior Rep sessions are used in my online portfolios and printed advertising.


Q: If I want a full session after the senior rep session, will I get a discount?

A: Yes, senior reps will receive a discount of 20% off of any additional session or products that they wish to order.


Q: Can I order more prints/products later?

A: Yes, as a senior rep you get 20% off of any additional products or prints that you wish to order.  Payment for additional products would be due when ordering. I do want to mention though that once the current rep season has ended any images that were not ordered are usually removed from my archives.